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Jacques Brautbar writing in studio



Throughout a career spanning more than twenty-five years, Jacques Brautbar has enjoyed professional success across the major pillars of music creativity: Performance, Songwriting and Song Production, Scoring to Picture for Film and Television, Education, and Technology.  

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jacques began his professional music career at the tender age of fifteen as founder, guitar player, arranger, and songwriter for Sony recording artist Phantom Planet. While a full-time band member, Jacques collaborated on the three pivotal singles: "Lonely Day," "Big Brat," and the theme song to the hit show The O.C, “California.” He also accompanied the band on their American, European, and World tours, as well as frequent television performances for Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien and David Letterman.

After a decade with Phantom Planet, Jacques signed a coveted publishing deal with Sony/ATV Publishing. During this production bootcamp, he penned and produced hundreds of songs––from Hip-Hop to Pop to Country––alongside talents like Julia Michaels, Rachel Platton, and numerous others, landing dozens of high-profile syncs for NBC, Ferrero Rochet, and Apple, just to name a few.  It was during this time that he recognized a desire to delve deeper into his craft and complete his music degree at the Thornton School of Music.

After successfully completing the SMPTV program, Jacques was selected to attended the distinguished Sundance Lab for Music and Sound Design at Skywalker ranch, and procured an additional music position for the HBO series, “Animals.” Jacques has worked as an additional writer for Netflix’s, “Insatiable,”and Amazon’s “Lorena” and “Absentia.” In 2016 Jacques attended Sundance with the documentary “Bad Reputation” and was slated to appear at South by South West in 2020 with his film “For Madmen Only.”


Most recently, Jacques delivered an original score on the Blumhouse/Amazon horror series “Welcome to the Blumhouse,” the hit documentaries, "It Ain't Over", and "Skywalkers: A Love Story," and the South by South West Jury Award winning feature, "Bob Trevino Likes It."

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