Sundance Institute Fellow and ASCAP scholarship recipient, Jacques Brautbar, combines traditional
orchestral colors with the palates of electronic and etherial sonic art.
Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jacques began his professional music career at the age of fifteen as a
founder, guitar player, arranger and songwriter for Sony recording artist Phantomplanet. While with
Phantomplanet, Jacques collaborated on the band's three singles, "Lonely Day," "Big Brat," and the
theme song to the hit show The O.C, “California.”


After a decade with the band, Jacques signed with
Sony/Atv publishing and produced hundreds of songs spanning pop, hip-hop and rock genres. It was
during this time that he recognized a desire within to write music for visual story telling.
Throughout high school, while his friends listened to Nirvana and Pearl Jam, Jacques immersed himself
in Bach, Mozart and Wagner. Being a fan of Ravel and Richard Strauss was not the norm for rock


While his rock and roll counterparts skipped college, Jacques enrolled at the Thornton
School of Music at USC and eagerly awaited music theory and composition courses. Jacques
particularly enjoyed learning the rudiments of common practiced tonality and how to use harmony to
create and release tension. Understanding the foundation of western music and learning how
composers manipulated these rules is still endlessly fascinating.


Jacques has since dedicated himself to the pursuit of creating music for Film, Television and Interactive
Media. His immersion in both popular and classical aspects of music gives Jacques the distinct position
to see composition from a perspective not often viewed by traditional classical musicians.
A graduate of the Scoring for Motion Pictures and TV program at the University of Southern
California, Jacques looks forward to new and exciting opportunities in his musical journey.

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