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My mission is to find unique music that adds a fourth dimension to the narrative experience by supporting story, and enhancing visuals to communicate the unspoken. I enjoy finding themes and sonic signatures that subconsciously connect a story to its audience, and most importantly, I strive to realize the vision of whomever I am working with through collaboration, and a free exchange of ideas.  With a combined twenty years of professional experience as a performer in Phantom Planet, a songwriter for EMI/SONYATV, and composer on projects from HBO series to Sundance features, I have a wide range of tools and colors from which to draw to tailor a special sound for each project.

Clients Include





JOE EXOTIC:Tigers,Lies and Cover-ups        (Documentary)

Retired homicide investigator Jim Rathmann will leads the investigation to discover the truth, revealing new theories uncovered by private investigators, reliving Lewis's final days and then demeanor with those closest to him, and unpacking evidence exposed by criminal and legal experts.


RAVAGE             (Horror)

When a nature photographer explains to the Police how she fought her way out of the Watchatoomy Valley, they dismiss her crazed and violent story as a meth-induced nightmare. But when they discover that she's telling the truth, it's too late.


THE FLY: U2 Cover

Using a full ensemble of ukulele instruments - Soprano, Tenor, Baritone and Bass - my Phantomplanet pedal board, voice, and drum programming, I create a personal rendition of one of the most influential songs of the 90's.


SUITABLE            (Drama)

Winner of the Indie Fest Award of Excellence, Suitable is a short drama about  a high school tom boy,  who comes to terms with her sexuality when she decides what she’ll wear to the prom. At its core, this film tackles issues of sexuality, gender and the realities young, black women face as they come-of-age in modern society.  Directed by acclaimed filmmaker, Thembi Banks, Suitable premiered on HBO in 2019. 


KINGS OF BEER  (Documentary)

A never-before-seen look at the rigorous standards and intense competition that characterizes the brewing of the world's most iconic American Lager.








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Dan North

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